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Archives - Audio files only below

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When you click on any of our Archive files for the first time, you will be asked Create a FREE account with an E-mail and Password for you to Hear or View, or Download or Play the files on 4-shared.

          No money or credit card info required.

Just follow the directions to Create an account. They will send you a confirmation e-mail for you to log in to 4-shared.  The next time you log on to get our Archives, all you will need to do it put in your E-mail address and your Password.

When it offers you the choice to get a Premium download or a Free download, just choose the FREE and ignore the other.  It is easy once you get used to it.  If you have problems, call me and I will help you.

After you Create your account - Everything will be available for listening, reading, watching, or downloading when you Click on Topics below

Once you get to the Files (Same titles as below), Click on the words, not the file folder icon. That will take you to multiple files of programs. Choose which one you want to listen to or download, Choose (the words) and then the Play button, etc.  

There is a 30 sec. commercial that will play before our programming plays.  When we convert to a Premium account, this commercial should be eliminated. But for now, we are using the free version of 4-shared. (an external link)

If you choose to listen to the programs, please make a note to only Click on the Play arrow directly under the program.  It will be on the bar, or line under the program title link.  This line also allows you to go farther into the broadcast, or use the same button to pause the message.  There are several pages of programs and at the bottom of each list is a place where you can go to another page.

Followers of Jesus Christ Archives

2012 -2015

FOJC 1 Radio Church - 1 - 144 Messages

FOJC 2 Radio Church - 145 - 164 Messages

FOJC 3 Radio Church - 165 - 202 Messages


FOJC 4 Radio Church - 203 - 223 Messages

FOJC 5 Radio Church - 224 - 239 Messages

FOJC 6 Radio Church - 240 - 258  Messages

FOJC 7 Radio Church 259 - 268 Messages
Programs done on our Live programs on Sunday mornings.

FOJC 8 FOJC Remnant Gathering 269 - 299
Programs done on our Live programs on Friday Evenings

FOJC 9 FOJC Remnant Gathering 300 - ?
Programs done on our Live programs on Friday Evenings

FOJC Revelation Revealed Now
Verse by verse teaching of Revelation

Music Hour
Programs that Donna puts together with a variety of music.

Ritual Abuse and Healing
Programs for survivors of abuse or care-givers.  Sometimes contain personal testimonies, music, over-view of our Victims to Victors book.

Online Bible School
These programs contain the essential basics with available tests below.

Online Bible School Instructions & Tests
PDF's of Instructions and Tests you can print out

Apologetics Hour
Programs on how to defend the faith dealing with holidays, false teachings, and the Catholic faith.

Perilous Times Report
Programs about recent world events tied to prophecy and the Bible, topics such as Freemasonry, and sometimes when we interview people.

Programs with Bible subjects that we should all know the answers to.

HH Bible Study Lessons
Bible study lessons done in our Heavenly High Rise with our small group.

 PDF files
Order Invoices, Pictures and Charts mentioned in lessons, etc.

Short You Tube videos done by Donna

Interviews & Testimonies
Programs where we were interviewed or when we interviewed others.

Misc Bible Studies
The Lord's Supper, Tongues, Etc.

About Our Resources
Explains what we have to offer

To find out more about the Program Hosts, Click Here

If you have any problems with any of the files, please contact me at the address below.  Thanks!

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